Espresso Beans - 1kiloCCS ‘No. 1’ Espresso Beans (1 kilo)

A rich full bodied espresso, with notes of chocolate, cream & hazelnut.  Well balanced, with subtle citrus acidity, nutty ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­sweetness and a coca bitterness, perfect anytime of the day.

£12.95 p/k

CCS 'No 1' Fairtrade Beans (1 kilo)CCS ‘No 1’ Fairtrade Beans (1 kilo)

An intense dark blend of strength, perfect for lattes & cappuccinos.  High quality coffees from the three major coffee growing areas of the world, lend a balanced taste towards this traditional Italian blend.

£13.52 p/k

CCS 'Concept' Blend Beans (1 kilo)CCS ‘Concept’ Blend Beans (1 kilo)

Deep, rich, chocolaty and punchy, earthy notes throughout with an underlying spicy chocolate feel, with an excellent body that cuts through milky drinks well.

£10.75 p/k

CCS 'Decaffeinated' Beans (1 kilo)CCS ‘Decaffeinated’ Beans (1 kilo)

Rich walnut and cocoa notes with a creamy mouth feel and soft acidity, perfect as a latte drink.

£14.43 p/k

CCS 'Decaffeinated' (Pre-ground, 250g)CCS ‘Decaffeinated’ (Pre-ground, 250g)

As above, but pre-ground from the bean, to allow ease of use, without the need for a second grinder.

£3.90 per 250g

SOLUBLE 'Continental Gold' (300g)SOLUBLE ‘Continental Gold’ (300g)

Our premium freeze dried coffee, expertly roasted, from selected Arabica & Robusta beans to capture its smooth & distinctive taste.

£7.00 per 300g

SOLUBLE 'Plantation Cappuccino Topping’ (750g)SOLUBLE ‘Plantation Cappuccino Topping’ (750g)

A smooth, milky taste with excellent solubility makes this product ideal for white coffees, lattes and for cappuccinos the ideal froth is always achieved.

£5.50 per 750g

SOLUBLE Van Houten Hot Chocolate

A delicious smooth hot chocolate from Belgium, dark & intense, specially developed for soluble systems – a winner every time.

£6.00 p/k
Coffee machine cleaning sundries available upon request.

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