Espresso & Coffee Machine Sales

Concept Coffee are a local distributor for the Expobar range of commercial coffee machines.

Expobar, based in southern Spain, have produced systems that are not only to a superior finish but combine ultimate reliability with super value for money.  Purchasing the correct coffee machine can be a tricky decision and expensive if you make the wrong choice, so CCS will be happy to answer any questions you may have to make sure you have the right equipment installed.  CCS can also offer a soluble option, for an alternative to a traditional espresso system.


CCS 1 Group 1 Zircon Integral Grinder

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CCS 2 Group Compact Zircon

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CCS 2 Group Zircon

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CCS 2 Group Compact G10

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CCS 2 Group G10

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CCS 2 Monroc

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Soluble small

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Soluble large

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CCS can offer the correct coffee machine for you establishment at an affordable cost with either a tailored package including full installation, training, supplies of ancillaries etc. or just a machine sale.

For more information towards the correct Machine for you, please contact CCS on 01435 810015 or fill in our enquiry form.