2 Group Integrated Grinder Zircon Coffee Machines

The CCS 2 group Zircon fits exactly where a low budget is key.  Its simpler looks do not detract from its build quality or reliability, made to the same standards of all of the expobar range, including digital control and the large boiler capacity of 11.5 litres.  With only minor economies made to the exterior finish, along with the provision of only one steam arm it still leaves the ‘economy’ a true commercial value for money system.

Feature List:

  • 1-4 cups at a time
  • 2 Group fully Auto Model
  • Manual Hot Water Control
  • Independent Heat exchangers
  • 1 manual steam arm & Hot water Arm
  • Boiler Pressure Gauge
  • Built in Volumetric pump & filter
  • Programmable Automatic buttons to cup levels (electronic)
  • 11.5 litre copper boiler
  • Available with option of High Groups for takeaway cups
  • Group head with direct pre-infusion chamber
  • 2500W/230V (11.5A) 13A socket
  • (W) 660mm (D) 540mm (H) 480mm
  • Auto fill water boiler
  • Heating element low water level auto cut off
  • Boiler low water level warning light
  • Width 680mm
  • Height 590mm
  • Depth 630mm

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