Large Soluble Coffee Machine

The ‘CCS soluble large’ system has been designed to meet the needs of outlets where not only in-house drinks are required but also where the facility to offer takeouts are essential.  Its three large internal containers, holding freeze dried coffee, a whitening agent & chocolate powder, results in an 8 premium drink selection, with the added button  of strong & large for takeouts, together with hot water either on demand for takeouts, or measured and an easy cleaning function, again leaves this soluble system, producing quality drinks at a competitive cost.

Feature List:


  • Built in Menu, including strong & large drinks (Takeaway)
  • Full audit system
  • High speed delivery/whipping system
  • Compact size
  • (H)660mm (W) 285mm (D) 455mm
  • Easy Led display
  • Auto clean/flush button
  • Programming in grams & milliliters
  • 3 ingredient canisters
  • 240 black coffees per hour @ 3kw

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