Servicing & Repairs

Coffee Machine Servicing & Repair Sussex Kent & HampshireIt is essential to have your coffee machine & filter maintained, not only to keep your coffee flowing but to also enable you to produce the quality of coffee your customers expect!

With scale build up being a major problem within the south east, the majority of callout for repairs are mostly scale related. By choosing  the correct filter to complement your machine, this will not only alleviate  most of the scale but enable a purer taste for your drinks served. Filters come in lots of different sizes and brands, but the correct filter size will greatly depend on the amount of water that passes through the coffee machine. For help towards choosing the correct filter, please speak to one of our engineers, who will be happy to help.

When the correct coffee machine is installed to a premises, the profit margins achievable are HUGE!, so it makes sense  to protect this money making system by an annual service & filter change.

Most insurance companies now require a health & safety “boiler inspection” every 12-14 months, towards all pressurised boilers found within “traditional” coffee machines. This is to check not only the condition of the boiler for any defects or serious scale build up, but all welds, tappings, the heating element, & most importantly the correct operation of the “safety valve” (cold & hot). With Concept Coffee System’s own insurance company happy for our engineers to carry this test out, after 20 years experience, this enables us to carry out a complete health check on not only our systems, but customer owned machines too!

Coffee Machine Servicing & Repair in Sussex, Kent & HampshireWith all rental contracts offered by CCS, annual services, boiler inspections, filter changes and repairs are carried out as part of the rental contract and will incur no extra charge. This alone is a huge saving as opposed to owning a machine.

CCS can also offer, if not under a rental contract, either an annual service or filter change or a visit to repair on most makes of coffee machines.

We have many contracts or one off requests for coffee machine servicing and repair in Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. Should you require a service or repair to your coffee machine, then please contact CCS on 01435 810015 or fill in our enquiry form.