Coffee Machine Rental Range

All rental machines include the full package of installation, training, filters knockout drawer, grinder, Barista packs, cups and glasses and all maintenance.

Traditional espresso coffee machine rentals are a huge market now. Most of our customers want to rent a coffee machine, with the benefit of being far greater than a direct purchase. With all rental contracts offered by Concept Coffee Systems, arrival services, boiler inspections, filter changes and repairs are all carried out as a point of the rental contract and will incur no extra charges. This alone is a huge saving, as opposed to owning a machine.

We install our traditional coffee systems into coffee shops, sandwich shops, bars and restaurants – anywhere that wants to produce a high standard coffee. These traditional machine rentals have been extremely popular in Europe for many years now, where coffee is more popular than tea. They have proven to be not only strong, but very reliable and can produce 1-4 coffees at a time. no other machine can produce these amounts with the temperature, steam and boiling water, enough for busy outlets.

CCS will train you and your staff the correct way to use our machines, in order to get the very best from them and ensure the coffee keeps flowing! We are based in the heart of East Sussex and our main customer base is around Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

Concept Coffee can tailor make the correct package, including everything you need, to produce the quality drinks you wish to offer your customers. As these profit generating machines get older and need attention, why risk expensive repair bills and time, when under a rental plan, these are all covered. With the added flexibility of upgrading machines if necessary.