Espresso Coffee Machine Rentals in Kent

You only have to walk down any high street, whether large or small and you will walk past at least two or three coffee shops. Whether it is a pretty and quaint Kent village, where you will find tea shops and other small individually owned cafes, to the large towns and cities where you will see the large conglomerate coffee shops and restaurants. Espresso coffee machine rentals in Kent are in real demand now, due to the modern style of living and the trend of “meeting up for coffee”. And it really doesn’t just have to be a coffee shop – garden centres in Kent mostly all offer coffee now, as well as theatres, museums and concert halls.

“First 2 Cups SOLD Pays for the Days Rental”

From £3.30 + vat per day

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Espresso Coffee Machine Rentals in KentMost of our customers want to rent a coffee machine, with the benefits being far greater than a direct purchase. With all rental contracts offered by Concept Coffee Systems, annual services, boiler inspections, filter changes and repairs are all carried out as part of the rental contract and will incur no extra charge; this alone is a huge saving as opposed to owning a coffee machine.

The cost of renting one of our coffee machines equates to the average cost of two cups of coffee – that is all you need to sell per day, in order to have a coffee machine installed by Concept Coffee Systems!

Benefits of Rental

  • 100% Tax allowable on all rentals
  • Fixed payments. No increases with overdraft interest rates
  • Lets you keep your hard earned money, as opposed to an expensive purchase and therefore helps cash flow
  • No expensive repair/service bills!
  • Allows you to get the equipment you need, offer the quality drinks to your customers and retrieve the extra profit margins from the premium drinks
  • Flexibility of upgrading machines when necessary

A traditional espresso coffee machine is designed to enable the user to produce the full coffee menu, from freshly ground coffee, ground from beans.

We install our traditional espresso coffee machines into coffee shops, sandwich shops, bars and restaurants and anywhere that will want to produce a high standard cup of coffee, with the same quality every time. They have proven to be not only strong, but very reliable and can produce from 1-8 coffees at a time. No other machine can produce these amounts of drinks with their temperature, together with delivering not only enough steam pressure to quickly foam milk, but also deliver enough hot water for busy outlets.

We will show you and your staff the correct way to use our machines, in order to get the very best out of them and ensure the coffee keeps flowing! Based in the heart of East Sussex we have many espresso coffee machine rentals in Kent and Sussex. We spend a lot of time in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks, with the many cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, as well as the coastal towns, where there is also a huge tourist footfall.

Please call us on 01435 810015 if you would like to enquire about our traditional coffee machine rentals. Please remember the price of renting one of our machines means all you have to sell is just two cups of coffee per day!