Commercial Coffee Machine Rentals

Commercial Coffee Machine RentalsMany of our customers now look at commercial coffee machine rentals, rather than having the more expensive outlay of buying a coffee machine. They know they have the reassurance of having annual services, boiler inspections, filter changes and repairs carried out as part of the rental contract incurring no extra charge.

What a great advantage to using our commercial coffee machine rentals!

Most businesses can now use a good coffee machine to rent. We find that many offices or commercial premises can fit a coffee machine in and it means that they will be guaranteed a great cup of coffee every time. We even install our coffee machines into food shops. Many will now offer a free cup of coffee when making a purchase, so what better way to increase your footfall than by giving your customers a great tasting coffee and somewhere to sit down before starting their shop?

Benefits of Rental

“First 2 Cups SOLD Pays for the Days Rental”

  • 100% Tax allowable on all rentals
  • Fixed payments. No increases with overdraft interest rates
  • Lets you keep your hard earned money, as opposed to an expensive purchase and therefore helps cash flow
  • No expensive repair/service bills!
  • Allows you to get the equipment you need, offer the quality drinks to your customers and retrieve the extra profit margins from the premium drinks
  • Flexibility of upgrading machines when necessary

These commercial coffee machines can come in different varieties, from traditional espresso machines, using freshly ground coffee, ground from beans; or soluble machines, using a freeze-dried coffee, a powdered whitener agent (for white coffees, cappuccinos/lattes etc and a powdered chocolate for the range of chocolate led drinks).

Commercial Coffee Machine RentalsBean to cup coffee machines offer fresh drinks, ground from beans, at the touch of a button and most “will deliver” fresh milk to the drink, frothed or flat as required. These machines were popular five years ago, but have proved that the maintenance and breakdowns are huge, as there are more components to these systems, to clean and maintain. Another major problem with them is the lack of presentable temperature.

Concept Coffee Systems therefore do not supply or support these types of machines, as we need to know that the systems we currently rent or sell will be of a commercial quality. The industry has seen these problems now and is slowly reverting back to the traditional espresso machines as these problems never existed.

We are based in the heart of East Sussex and our main customer base is around Kent, Sussex  and the neighbouring counties of Hampshire and Surrey. We spend a lot of time in Brighton, with the many cafes, coffee shops and small eateries there are in the lanes and on the seafront. We also supply to Royal Tunbridge Wells and right through the South coast, where we have many longstanding machines on hire.

Please call us on 01435 810015 if you would like to enquire about our commercial coffee machine rentals.