1 Group Zircon Integrated Grinder Rental

The ‘CCS plus range’, proves to be a winner where space is limited and the requirement for a completely functional coffee centre is necessary.  The integral automatic grinder will grind as much coffee as needed, together with a 6 litre boiler resulting in no compromise on output!

Rental of the 1 Group Zircon includes:


  • Installation
  • Training
  • Filter
  • Knockout Drawer/Box
  • Cups & glasses
  • Full maintenance
  • Barista pack
  • Direct line to engineer

For Only £3.30 per day + vat or your first 2 cups of coffee sold!

  • Width 460mm
  • Height 630mm
  • Depth 590mm

For more information on renting one of our coffee systems, please call 01435 810015 and speak to our team.